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About Us

The first store was opened in 1999 in Heilbronn, Germany which still remains as a head office for its branches. During eight years of successful experience in a highly developed jewellery sector, the company has gone through major business changes to develop its offering and enlarge its customer base. Having developed from a small jewellers to one of the key players in the European jewellery sector, the trade name GLAMIRA was established in 2011. By the end of 2011 GLAMIRA had made excellent progress in both the UK and Spanish markets.

In 2012, GLAMIRA started to design and develop its own products. This change of strategy provided an opportunity to actively enter the international arena. In the same year, GLAMIRA Germany started to trade in both Austria and Switzerland. In 2013, the company successfully entered the markets of Denmark, Sweden and France. Driven by this growth, GLAMIRA launched its own manufacturing facilities in Germany. GLAMIRA works tirelessly to meet customer needs both professionally and effectively - in line with its corporate values of integrity and trust. GLAMIRA has developed a world-class E-Commerce infrastructure to facilitate the needs of today’s global consumers. By the end of 2013, GLAMIRA continued to enter further international markets adding Finland and Italy to its growing portfolio. Throughout 2014, GLAMIRA reinforced its corporate structure allowing the business to enter the markets of Western Europe and has quickly developed in the key European markets - and also in the USA. In 2016, GLAMIRA will continue to enlarge its business in the markets of Eastern Europe and the Far East.

GLAMIRA is no longer a common company; it can be described as a global icon for its comprehensive portfolio and achievements in delivering innovations. The vision of GLAMIRA is to become a global leader within the jewellery sector.